Abstract pictures from 2020-2021, 120 x 80 x 7.5 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas with coarse structures made of sea salt

No Name series

Souvenirs from trips between dreams and reality. My latest series of pictures invites our imagination into unreal worlds, far away from all our realities and ideas. My abstract pictures tell stories, color stories. It is applied layer by layer, with a brush and spatula, partly rinsed with water and supplemented with structures. As a sign of their variability.


Abstract pictures from 2017-2019, 90 x 90 x 4.5 cm. Acrylic paint on canvas

Series of pictures Colored Stripes

On my walks with our dog, I often run along the lake promenade between Minusio and Locarno. You can admire the “Cà di ferro”, built in the middle of the fifth century as a mercenary barracks and one of the most important historical buildings in the region. Although the residential wing has large window openings, it gives a somber impression, which is caused above all by the massive window grille, which gives the building an almost prison-like character. Fascinated by the idea of being inside the building and being able to look out through the massive window grilles, the Stripes picture series was created. Only the stripes, surface structures and surfaces that define the perspective generate the image. And above all the color, it becomes a building material in the pictures. The colored areas - sometimes emphasized in dark blue, red or yellow light - form singular structures.